Mary Ryan Barnes, R.Y.T., Director of YOGA FOR TWO™, is one of New York City’s most energetic and well-respected yoga instructors. A certified fitness teacher and personal trainer, she discovered yoga in 1987 and has used this 4,000-year-old practice to develop flexibility, strength and focus—and to aid in the births of her two young children. Teaching since 1990 and specializing in pre- and post-natal yoga since 1993, Mary offers classes that are invigorating, enlightening, and joyful. Whether teaching pregnant women or new moms and their babies, Mary incorporates the full range of yoga poses, along with expert attention to alignment and breathing. With help from doctors, fitness specialists, and other qualified yoga instructors, she developed the Barnes Method and a series of workshops on Yoga for Pregnancy, Yoga for Labor & Delivery, and Postpartum/Mommy & Baby Yoga. Mary is an Anusara Affiliated teacher and has trained extensively with John Friend and other Anusara teachers, including intensive therapeutics training. Her greatest teachers, however, have been the hundreds of women who have taken her workshops since 1993. Mary believes that yoga can help a woman become strong and centered and put her in touch with her own intuition. This makes a woman feel more confident—and more competent—as she prepares for motherhood.

Jennifer Petit's study of yoga began 14 years ago. As a practitioner, she journeyed through a range of traditions before she found her home in the Anusara style. She completed her Anusara teacher training under the guidance of five Anusara teachers and developed a special interest in therapeutics specializing in pre natal and post partum yoga. Her own experience with yoga during her pregnancy and post-partum fueled her desire to become a yoga teacher to serve other women experiencing this incredible journey into motherhood. She earned her certification for this specific interest both through Baby Om and Mary Barnes Yoga for two. Jennifer has been teaching pre natal and baby and me yoga for five years with Baby Om, Mary Barnes and Shri Yoga studio in tribeca. Jennifer's teaching has been deeply influenced and kindly guided by John Friend and Professor Douglas Brooks. She is currently on the path towards Anusara certification and lives in New York City with her husband and two sons

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