Yoga for Pregnancy & Childbirth Workshops are currently held at The JCC:

Cost for 6-week Yoga for Pregnancy & Childbirth series is $180.00, and $240.00 for an 8-week workshop series. JCC members receive a $25 discount per series. Non-members are welcome at all locations!. One make-up class, within the session, is guaranteed if YOGA FOR TWOŽ is given advanced notice. Payment must be received in advance to lock in your spot in a workshop. Workshops tend to fill up; if a class is full you can be placed on the waiting list. You will be informed if a spot opens. No refunds are available after the start of the session. If there is a medical reason for having to dropout of a workshop, you can apply your remaining classes to a Baby & Me or Momma Core Yoga Class.

Open Prenatal Yoga Classes are currently held at Pure Yoga East and Pure Yoga West

Students may purchase an 8-class or 16-class package. You are invited to take one class or more per week at either Pure Yoga location. We suggest you pick one class as a base-class each week, and take other classes as it fits your schedule, or as a make up class if you miss you're regular class.
8 PACK: (1 Class/week) - $225 or $28/class ($200 for Pure members)
16 PACK: (1 or more classes per week) - $400 or $25/class ($360 for Pure members)
Trial class: $30*

Policies at Pure Yoga:

  • Prenatal classes are ongoing and students may begin at any time during their pregnancy.
  • Prenatal Yoga 8-packs’ are valid for 8 consecutive weeks; 16-packs may be used for one or more classes per week over 16 weeks.  We ask that you register for a specific class time, however students are welcome to attend another class as a make up if you have to miss a class. We will be as flexible as we can, space permitting.
  • *First time yoga students may purchase a single class before committing to an 8-week series.  Going forward we suggest that you commit to a series in order to get the full benefit of the classes, and to become part of our pregnancy and new mom ‘kula’, or community. Students attending a workshop series are also welcome to take single classes at Pure if you want an extra class, or need a make-up class.
  • Should you deliver within your 8 or 16-week package, unused classes will be credited to classes, to be used within 6 months after giving birth. (Unused classes will NOT be carried over to another pregnancy.)
  • Women who have completed at least one 8-week series and who have a due date coming very soon will be allowed to be pro-rated for the next series, with the permission of either Mary Barnes or another Yoga for Two instructor.  (But, as mentioned above if you give birth prior to finishing a series unused prenatal classes will be rolled into the postnatal classes.)
  • With the exception of bed rest accompanied by a doctor's note Pure Yoga or Yoga For Two cannot be responsible for providing additional make-ups or issuing any credit for classes missed as a result of scheduling conflicts, vacations, illness, emergencies, or other circumstances beyond our control.  If you are put on bed rest, please notify the studio immediately and remaining classes will be transferred to Baby & Me or Momma Core.
  • Baby & Me or Momma Core Yoga classes at Pure Yoga  are run differently than the prenatal class series.  Mom & Baby or Postnatal Core Yoga classes can be purchased as a single class or an 8 class package with a 6 month expiration.  You do not have to attend 8 consecutive weeks, however, women who come as regularly as possible enjoy meeting other new moms & babies and often form play groups and support groups from this new network!
COSTS: Baby & Me or Momma Core Yoga at Pure Yoga
8-PACK $225 (6 mos. expiration)

Couples Yoga for Labor & Delivery Workshops: Cost is $80/couple for the 2-hour workshop. Prior attendance in Yoga for Pregnancy workshop is suggested.


Private Sessions
are available upon request. Cost depends on time and your location. Prices range from $125.00 per hour. $600 for 5 sessions. $1150 for 10 sessions.

$125 Private Session - 1 Hour
$600 Private Session - 5 Sessions
$1150 Private Session - 10 Sessions

Looking for a great shower present? Gift certificates are available for classes, workshops and private sessions. Contact us for details.

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