Mom & Baby YOGA FOR TWOT (For Moms and babies, 6 weeks to crawling toooo much to do yoga!)
This multi-level postpartum yoga class is specifically designed to strengthen your body after giving birth, and allow you to practice yoga with your baby. You will regain the strength of your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, develop inner and outer strength, and meet other new moms and babies.
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How soon after birth can I start practicing yoga again?
You can start taking the Mom & Baby YOGA FOR TWOT as soon as you have the O.K. from your doctor to resume physical activity. This is usually after the visit to your OB/GYN or Midwife at five or six weeks postpartum.

How are the classes run? Will it matter if my baby cries?
Classes are very relaxed, and accommodate the needs of both mother and baby. If your baby is asleep, then we let the baby sleep while you practice yoga. If a baby needs to be fed, you can stop and feed your baby (we have exercises for you to do while you do this). If your baby is awake, we position you so that you are “in their face” as much as possible (nothing makes a baby happier)! We practice some poses which allow you to use your baby as resistance, or added weight, to help build strength. We teach you some therapeutic massage and baby yoga techniques, which you can also use at home. And, we always include some baby songs and chants!

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