Marys Yoga class was hands down my favorite activity to do while I was pregnant. As a working mom, it gave me the opportunity to quiet down and bond with the baby growing inside of me. I was also grateful to bond with the other expectant mothers to ease the first time mother jitters. Marys class prepared me more than any other pre-natal class I took, empowering me with useful knowledge and techniques in having a successful labor. Belly Dancing, anyone? I actually look forward to the day when I'm pregnant again so Ill be able to take her class.

Traci Paige Johnson (Above Right) Creator, Blues Clues

PreNatal Yoga For Two™ was my respite and salvation during each of my pregnancies. As an OB/GYN in New York, I worked long days and nights until past my due date. Marys class provided a calm, soothing environment in which to stretch and strengthen while focusing on breathing techniques that enhanced relaxation and well-being. Her emphasis on the transverse abdominal muscles helped ease back pain during my pregnancies as well as in my recovery from an emergency cesarean. Strong transverse abdominals were key in my successful VBAC. Mary’s guidance and encouragement were thoughtful and non-judgmental. Her choice of music, chants and readings were inspiring. Her workshops were a joyful part of both of my pregnancies.

Dr. Audrey Buxbaum, Downtown Women OB/GYN


Yoga with Mary was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. Mary’s classes were a wonderful mixture of comfort, wisdom and physical preparation for birth and her insights provided me with a great source of relaxation when the big day arrived. The opportunity to practice yoga with other expectant mothers and new moms in such an embracing and soothing atmosphere is priceless. The Mommy & Baby classes were a great way to get back into shape while bonding with my son. Now that Max is older, I take Yoga for Women for a more invigorating class.

Becky Jones



Mary’s Yoga for Pregnancy workshops were heartfelt and fun, and helped me prepare both mentally and physically for birth. I even brought my yoga mat to the hospital and used yoga breathing and postures to help me get through a long, intense labor. The Mommy & Baby classes create a sacred space for mothers and babies to bond and rejuvenate.

Dr. Jill Putterman, Clinical Psychologist



YOGA FOR TWO™ Mommy & Baby Yoga helped ease me back into fitness while spending valuable time with my daughter. Mary’s style is the perfect balance of restorative stretches and active poses for Moms and gentle stretches and massage for the babies. It was empowering to safely regain my strength and get my weight back to a manageable level. And I learned to calm my daughter with massage and stretching. Julia knows the exercises we learned and smiles with delight every time we practice them. I’m thrilled that I can share Yoga and fitness with my daughter at such a young age.

Jill Faherty Lloyd



I had a great birth, and I can’t wait to see and tell you about the whole experience. Thanks again for your wonderful classes, which I think are the best way for women to prepare for labor and delivery. I thought of you telling us to make low sounds when pushing the baby out, and though I growled like a bear or rhino, it only took about three pushes. Thanks for helping make both my pregnancies such a great experience. Sign us up for the Mommy & Baby class.

Samantha Schnee



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