This invigorating, multi-level Anusara Yoga class helps you gain and maintain strength and flexibility during pregnancy, as well as teaching you how to use yoga for labor and delivery. Learn how to safely strengthen your abdominals to maintain postural integrity during pregnancy, and to help you prepare to push! Experience breathing and meditation techniques, and postures for labor and delivery. All levels of yoga and all stages of pregnancy are welcome. Yoga for Pregnancy workshop series and prenatal drop-in classes are currently held at 4 Manhattan locations.
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What is the difference between the drop-in class and the workshops?
The drop-in class is available for those who want to check out the class prior to signing up for a series, or for women who want a second class to compliment the workshop. The workshops are composed of a consistent group of students, and as such, we are able to work a little more in-depth than we can in the drop-in class. There is more focus on using yoga for labor and delivery, and on learning to use the abdominals for pushing.

Is the 6-week workshop a one-time series?
Some women take consecutive workshops throughout their pregnancy. I have found that as a woman’s pregnancy progresses, she takes from the workshops what she needs at that stage. For example, a woman early on in her pregnancy may not be ready to think about “pushing” yet. But, when she’s ready, she can start to apply the information. I encourage women to practice yoga until the day they give birth, and some of my student’s labor has actually begun in class!

When should I begin to take the workshops?
Women start at all stages of pregnancy, however, the second trimester is when the majority of my students begin. I encourage women with a strong yoga practice to take the drop-in class, or work privately with myself or one of my teachers in order to learn how to safely modify their practice in the early months.

Where are classes held?
Classes are held in four Manhattan locations. <See schedule for details>

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