CELEBRATE NEW LIFE… Enjoy yoga in a safe, supportive environment while learning postures and exercises specifically suited to pregnant women and new mothers. The Barnes Method combines <Anusara Yoga>, breathwork, alignment, sound vibration, strength training, therapeutics and community for the health and happiness of both mother and baby. Mary Barnes’ unique approach helps women to improve their strength and flexibility before and after childbirth. Her prenatal yoga method also aids in the birthing process, helping women feel centered and strong during labor and delivery. Postpartum women can enjoy Mommy & Baby YOGA FOR TWO™ classes, New Mom & Baby Yoga Sanctuary with mothering expert guests, and yoga with baby-sitting.

Please check out the web site to learn more about The Barnes Method of Prenatal and Mommy & Baby YOGA FOR TWO™, find out dates and location of classes and learn about special workshops and Teacher Training Workshops. Click onto the Testimonials page to hear what other women have to say about Prenatal and Mommy & Baby YOGA FOR TWO™.

15 Weekly Prenatal, Baby & Me and Momma Core Yoga classes in NYC! Privates available by appointment

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